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 SMMBCH’s comment regarding the Peck Ranch

Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen (SMMBCH) wishes to make the following comment pertaining to the Missouri Department of Conservation management plan for Peck Ranch C.A.

SMMBCH is very aware of the uniqueness and beauty of Peck Ranch C.A. and the ways in which management can fulfill the MDC mission of wildlife and resource protection while promoting Missouri tourism through recreational public use. Viewing of the elk and future hunting opportunities has been promoted from the inception of the elk release program. SMMBCH is interested in promoting tourism and expanding public use through a long distance packing/riding multiuse trail. With the Peck Ranch C.A. acreage being over 23,000 acres, a multiuse trail giving passage through Peck Ranch C.A. is entirely possible without jeopardizing or disturbing wildlife or sensitive environments.

SMMBCH is asking the Peck Ranch C.A. management plan include a multiuse trail through Peck Ranch C.A. The Ozark Trail (OT), already in place, traverses Peck Ranch C.A. By changing the OT designation to multiuse and allowing for a parallel trail where the OT and horse use is not feasible, a continuous trail from Steelville on the Courtois Section of the OT to the southern part of the state will be possible. The Missouri Department of Conservation is the only public land management agency not currently supporting the multiuse long distance trail concept. A simple change of trail designation would allow the long distance trail to become a reality for Missouri. SMMBCH is working within the confines of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways GMP to gain access through the ONSR which is Peck Ranch C.A.’s northern neighbor. The Mark Twain National Forest, Peck Ranch C.A.’s southern neighbor, already supports multiuse trails.

SMMBCH is a not-for-profit volunteer organization of horsemen and women who are dedicated to working with and being of service to land managers by donating countless hours of volunteer service to maintain and develop multiuse trails. Volunteer hours for trail maintenance through Peck Ranch C.A. would be welcomed by the organization. SMMBCH also promotes Leave No Trace practices and has a high standard of trail ethics. SMMBCH has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with every public land manager within the state including the MDC.

In summary, SMMBCH is asking MDC strategy for the natural resource management and Public Use for Peck Ranch C.A., include a designated multiuse trail to allow passage through Peck Ranch C.A. This would allow for a continuous trail through Missouri for a packing and long distance riding opportunity.


Eldon Kreisel



Keeping Missouri’s Public Trails Open to Horsemen

Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen (SMMBCH) is a non-profit volunteer service organization working on and for Missouri’s public trails.  Our mission is ensuring continued equestrian access to Missouri’s public trails so future generations can enjoy riding in some of Missouri’s most scenic areas and preserve historic skills connecting America’s past to the future.  We work towards our goals by:

  • Providing volunteer services to the:
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  • Educating government officials and the public on issues related to equestrian use of public lands.
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