Another NEMO Work Day

DSCN2182 group cropAn efficient work crew of 14  quickly completed installing the new signage at Frank Russell and Spalding Trail Heads, with the support of COE partners, Shelly, Allen, and Brad.  This project was partially funded by SMMBCH’s Trail Maintenance Incentive program, which offered monies to chapters and land managers for trail or trail head improvements/maintenance. As a result, there are five new bulletin board maps for the trails and trail heads, and two bulletin board ethics signs, as well as smaller signs in the stalls and at camp sites.  Thanks to SMMBCH, this excellent work crew, and our COE managers for making this project possible.

DSCN2199 DSCN2220 sign crop DSCN2200 DSCN2197 DSCN2152 (1) DSCN2156 DSCN2157 DSCN2186 DSCN2181 DSCN2213

Tri-Lakes Chapter members held their winter meeting February 1st

Tri-Lakes Chapter members held their winter meeting February 1st with over 50 members attending.  In addition to the business of electing 2014 officers, many issues were discussed.  The Ozark National Scenic Riverways comment period for the General Management Plan was discussed.  The Alternatives were discussed and how it would affect the future of horse trails.  All were encouraged to read the plan and make their personal comments.  Information was given as to the meaning of designated trails and how it pertains to national parks.

Many other issues were discussed and plans were made for the coming year and goals set.  The Chapter plans to apply for the 2014 Trail Maintenance Incentive Program to build upon the successful 2013 TMI project conducted at Lead Mine Conservation Area.

A committee was formed to set a calendar of events for the year.  The committee met the following week; the event calendar was sent to members.

The chapter budget was discussed.  Youth events, tools, membership drive were some of the items discussed on how to best use the funds.

Following the adjournment of the meeting, members placed orders for Tri-Lakes Chapter tee-shirts, long sleeve tee’s, and jackets.

The 2014 Officers elected:  John Waitman and Larry Dishman – Chapter Leaders; Marsha Copeland-Secretary.

Tri lakes feb meeting


Due to the 2013 Trail Maintenance Incentive (TMI) Program being a success, leading to improvements to equestrian trails and trail heads in five different areas of Missouri, the Board of Directors has approved the renewal of the program for 2014.  Each of our eight chapters has the opportunity to participate.  Chapters will have available $1,000 to go toward a project in their area to improve trails or trail heads.  The Chapter also pledges 64 hours of volunteer service toward the project, making it a $2,000 incentive to land managers.  The land manager and Chapter must agree on the project and follow through with an application.  Chapter leaders have been sent the guidelines for the 2014 program.  Deadline for application is April 1st. Members-at-Large are also eligible and may participate. For additional information contact: Russell Martin (417-777-0608) or Marsha Copeland (417-345-5753)

Service Committee Report – March, 2014

            Some chapter members have been busy attending public meetings with land managers and agencies, and chapter planning for 2014.  A few hearty volunteers of the Brownfield and River Springs Chapters have been working on the trails, trail heads, and camp sites—in January and February, disagreeable as they were!  It is amazing what “stir crazy” can do!

Total Hours                               338

Total Travel Miles                     2695

Total Equipment Hours                51

Total Stock Days                          3

TOTAL VALUE                   $11,935


Keep in mind that your volunteer hours do NOT have to be on an organized work day.  Report your work to me, or to your Service Committee chapter member.  YOU CAN COUNT:

  • Trail work on public land or open private land (open to equestrian, but not commercial)
  • Trail, trail head and road clean up (not after yourself!)
  • On-site support for food prep for work parties
  • Planning and preparation for future work parties

If you do skilled work (carpentry, bridge, fence, hitching post construction, GPS work, sawyer work, equipment operation, etc.), count your hours as SKILLED.  Also count your equipment hours under SKILLED EQUIPMENT or HEAVY EQUIPMENT.   If you have a riding mount for trail work, count him.


  • Robin Vaughn, Brownfield
  • Janet Karrenbrock, Cuivre River
  • Larry Bast, Eastern Missouri
  • Kathy LaRue, Indian Trails
  • Kate Assenmacher, Mountain Riders
  • Becki Krueger, NEMO River Valley
  • Carol Snell, NEMO River Valley
  • Paula Hull, River Springs
  • Marsha Copeland, Tri-Lakes
  • Russell Martin, Tri-Lakes
  • Mary K Church, SMMBCH Service Committee Chair, 573-406-2566




Mountain Riders members met with Douglas County Fox Trotting Horse Breeders Association (DCFTHBA) in January to schedule our work days and events for the first part of the year. I have the paperwork to apply for our grant with the U.S. Forest Service.   I have a meeting scheduled Wednesday, March 19th at 11 a.m. with the U.S. Forest Service to fill out the paperwork for the grant.

We have scheduled our rides and our plans include clip and clean on some of the trails. There is a clip and clean ride scheduled at Bateman Ranch on May 14th at 10 a.m.; also have a Bar K Wrangler clean-up ride only on the 17th of May.   In August, we have a clip and clean ride at Willie Lee at 9 a.m.  The next clip and clean is set for October 1st at Corbett Potters Field at 9 a.m.  For a complete list of rides, go to and click on the events button.  It will give you directions to the trailheads.

There are trail rides scheduled March through November every Wednesday.  On these rides there is always clipping being done.  Also, if anyone is interested, we have a Bob Burns National trail ride scheduled for Friday, September 26th and Saturday, September 27th.  There will be a cookout on the 27th at 5 p.m.  Anyone is welcome and you may bring a side dish if you’d like.   If you do come to ride, be sure and bring your horse registration and current coggins.

We will be assisting the Missouri Fox Trotters and Horse Breeders Association Trail Rides during the June Three-year-old Futurity Show and also during the September Celebration Show.

The Mountain Riders Chapter would like to welcome new members from River Springs Chapter, Ruth Thompson and Roger  Swansen, Ted and Sharon Bailey; also Ginger Vanderkelen and Sonny Brown, who were members at large.

Hope to see everyone on our trail rides this year!  Bob Voyles

Mary K is “Still Nagging” about service hours!

Hello Service Committee Helpers,

         I need to remind you all of a couple of things:

         If you are counting work that is skilled (carpentry, bridge, fence, hitch post construction, GPS work, equipment operation, etc.) record it under the SKILLED column (only).  Then if you have done that, if power equipment was used, you should  go over to the EQUIPMENT section, and record the time either under POWER (chain saws, weed eaters, mowers, drills, etc.)  or HEAVY (Bobcat, tractor, brush hog, dump truck, etc.) and also give the equipment time for hours in use. If you hauled equipment in on a trailer, count that as Stock Hauling Miles, not Personal Vehicle. (Think about all that as if you were hiring it done, and renting the equipmentIt all has “worth”.) 

         Also, don’t forget your Administration hours—planning, gathering equipment, etc.

         Let me know if you need more clarification on this.  I know we sell ourselves short on most of our reporting.  Thanks for all your work and willingness to help!

Still nagging,  mk

Note from the web master: 

Please feel free to call or e-mail Mary K.  She will be delighted to nag you on an individual basis.

NEMO River Valley Chapter March Newsletter

We were fortunate to have scheduled our annual carry-in and chapter meeting on Jan. 11, one of the few winter weekends we did not have inclement weather. Over thirty members were in attendance to enjoy a bountiful meal, fellowship, and conduct the business of the chapter. The presiding officers were re-elected: Trail Master, Mary K Church; Assistant Trail Master, Wayne Lake; and Paper Trail Master, Becki Krueger. Shelly Howald, COE, brought us up to date on various projects and news of interest to our work. Von Pilkington, chapter member who serves as secretary on the FOREST council reviewed that organization’s progress. Events were scheduled; a list can be found on NEMO River Valley Chapter Facebook page and SMMBCH website. .

The annual FOREST Council (Friends of Recreation and Environmental Stewardship) meeting was held on February 26, where nine members represented NEMO River Valley Chapter. We were surprised and pleased to be presented with three awards from the Corp of Engineers at the meeting. Mary K Church received a Certificate of Appreciation for “exceptional support in the coordination of all efforts provided by the NEMO River Valley Chapter of Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen”. Wayne and Margaret Lake received a Certificate of Appreciation for “persistant work and maintenance at the Outdoor Adventure campground” which Wayne did the care-taking of, about single-handedly the entire 2014 season. Additionally, NEMO River Valley Chapter received the Commander’s Award for Public Service for “excellent support and valued advocacy of the recreational trails at Mark Twain Lake since 2009…consistent supporter of three facility development grants…and persistent provision of maintenance of the Joanna Multi-Purpose Trail”. We are appreciative to the Corp of Engineers for this recognition and are grateful to our local managers for promoting this mutually beneficial partnership.

Earth Day, April 26, is our first scheduled workday. Riders will leave Von’s at 9:30, with Becki in leadership. Volunteers will work on the four additional new campsites at Frank Russell Trail Head on May 10, providing ground conditions are suitable. Youth Day and National Trails Day Membership Drive event are scheduled for May 31 and June 7, as well as impromptu and small group work that will be accomplished by volunteers who have adopted projects.

DSCN2061 group crop (2)

NEMO River Valley accepts Commanders Award for Public Service L to R, Louis Del’Arco, Chief of Operations, St. Louis District; Margaret and Wayne Lake; Mary K Church; Becki Krueger; Donna and John Turner; Marguerite and David Jones; Sandra Spence, Mark Twain Lake Operations Manager.  Von Pilkington was in her role as FOREST Council secretary and was too busy join the photo opp.

NEMO River Valley accepts Commanders Award for Public Service
L to R, Louis Del’Arco, Chief of Operations, St. Louis District; Margaret and Wayne Lake; Mary K Church; Becki Krueger; Donna and John Turner; Marguerite and David Jones; Sandra Spence, Mark Twain Lake Operations Manager. Von Pilkington was in her role as FOREST Council secretary and was too busy join the photo opp.

Indian Trails Report

In January our Chapter met at the Junie Moom Cafe for the first time due to the closing of our previous meeting place. The Chapter approved the retention of our current officers for another year.  Allison Schottenhaml is our trail boss, Earlyne Wagner is our assistant trail boss and Kathy LaRue is our secretary. 

Our February meeting was well attended with four new members joining the Chapter.  Allison reported on the progress of the proposed equestrian trail at Robertsville State Park.  The Parks Depatment has not yet completed their feasibility study.  Allison will continue to make calls to her contact in the Parks Department.

 Larry Bast, leader of the Eastern Missouri Chapter SMMBCH attended our February meeting.  He discussed with us his goals for the new chapter.

On June 27th the Indian Trails Chapter in partnership with St Clair Saddle Club, will host a camp-out for the youth of the saddle club, featuring LNT principls, trail etiquette and safety.

 The Chapter has a clean up day scheduled for March 29th at Little Indian Creek CA.

 Our next Chapter meeting will be March 20, 7pm at Junie Moon Cafe in Union.


River Springs Chapter Work Day

Members of the River Springs Chapter met on Saturday, March 7th, to complete work on the high lines.  We installed the cable and attached rings for tying the horses, then had a hamburger grill out using one of the newly installed fire pits.  There is still snow on the ground, so no horses were brought to ride, but the sun was bright and warm making the workday a pleasant one.  We had visitors from West Plains show up to check out the work.  They advised they have been following the progress on our web page and were thrilled with the work we had done.  They had five dogs with them, including a Neopolitan Mastiff.  I snapped a picture of one of the dogs in our member, Gary Vail’s lap.  So ladies, if you see this, we found an earring in the snow which did not belong to any of our members.  Please contact our chapter leader (contact info above) and we will gladly meet you to return it.GEGE

River Springs Chapter News-March 2014

Submitted by Candace Hale


Snow, snow, and more snow all winter.  We are beginning to think it will never end. The River Springs Chapter met on January 18th for our annual membership meeting at the Stray Dog BBQ and Pizza Restaurant in Van Buren, MO.  Fourteen members attended to discuss our plans for 2014 and to elect our officers.  One prospective came with our “Puxico girls” who are members.  Jill Skunda of Glen Allen, MO, did decide to join our chapter.  Welcome, Jill!

We discussed our schedule for 2014 and voted to continue having a workday/ride every third Saturday of every month.   See our schedule on SMMBCH web site River Springs Chapter page and on the River Springs Chapter Facebook page.  We also discussed the General Management Plan of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and went over the minutes of the last SMMBCH Board Meeting.  All former officers were re-elected and they are Candace Hale, President; Paula Hull, Vice President and Jean Vail, Secretary/Treasurer.  The meeting was followed by a pizza lunch.

Our first workday was February 15th when we met at Lazy C Campground to continue the work funded by our 2013 Trail Maintenance Incentive.  There was snow on the ground and roads, but seven members showed up to erect two high lines.  Attending were Mary Fielder, Bill Jenkins, Ruth and Gary Garner, Mark and Paula Hull and Candace Hale.  Anthony Lee, our temporary replacement for Scotty Scott of the Mark Twain National Forest, who retired last year, had his AmeriCorps workers working at Greer Spring.  They came over and dug the holes for the posts on the Thursday before our workday.  We erected six posts in two different locations.  Now all six campsites will have either a high line or a 16 X 16 corral for their horses when camping or day riding.  We returned on February 21st to drill the holes and run the cable through the posts.  We got one high line completed and must return again to finish the other high line since our donated cable was not quite long enough to do both high lines.  We also are waiting on the pond to thaw to lay the geotextile on the bank with gravel so horses can be ridden into the pond to drink.  Someone removed (stole) the bucket and rope we had attached to the old-fashion well and we decided not to replace it since it would probably go missing, too.  This was very disappointing and we blamed hunters since no horse people would do such a thing.  We are planning on returning on March 7th to continue work, but for now the weather is not cooperating.GE