Please refrain from riding at St. Francois State Park for the first three weeks of March.

Your President has had two more projects approved by Missouri State Parks Department

 He has designed and received approval from  them for material funding for a new equestrian mounting block to be built at every state park trailhead.

Secondly he received funding for a new equestrian parking lot at St.Francois State Park.

 Please refrain from riding there for the first three weeks of March as construction will be underway.  Your patience is requested to help us complete this work without delay.  Please inform any of your friends that ride there.  We want to expedite this project so it will be ready for everyone to enjoy.

Details of both of these projects will be in the SMMBCH spring newsletter.

From the halls of Congress, we once again have good news to share!

Last week, the National Forest “trails bill” we supported last year was reintroduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Cynthia Lummis  (R-WY)  and Tim Walz (D-MN). The bill, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act (H.R. 845), continues to spur high-level dialogue and a search for solutions to the growing trail maintenance crisis on our national forests.


BCHA strongly supports H.R. 845.


You can click here to read the text of the bill as introduced.


The bill was introduced at the request of BCHA and our partners, The Wilderness Society and American Horse Council. It responds, in part, to a June 2013 report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that reviewed the status and causes of the Forest Service trail maintenance backlog. 


If enacted as currently written, H.R. 845 would:

  • Direct the U.S. Forest Service to develop a strategy to more effectively utilize volunteers and partners to assist in maintaining national forest trails;
  • Provide outfitters and guides the ability to pay permit fees in trail maintenance activities instead of dollars;
  • Address the liability issue that hampers volunteer and partner trail maintenance activity in some national forests; and
  • Prioritize specific areas for trail maintenance within national forests.


Take Action!

Please call or write your congressional representative to express support for H.R. 845. As a result of widespread bipartisan interest, the bill could move quickly through the House of Representatives if no controversial provisions or requests for new appropriations are added. We also hope to see a companion bill introduced in the Senate soon.


Go to this website to find contact information for your member of Congress. In your own words, tell your representative why you support H.R. 845, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act. Tell them of your passion for, and commitment to, keeping national forest trails open and enjoyed by horsemen and others. Lastly, please ask them to consider co-sponsoring H.R. 845.


If you are a resident of Wyoming or Minnesota, please include in your message a heartfelt “Thank You!” to Representatives Lummis and Walz, respectively, for introducing H.R. 845 on behalf of the Back Country Horsemen.


Feel free to share copies of your letters with BCHA’s Advisor for Public Lands & Recreation, including any response you receive from your member of Congress.


We are excited to have this bill reintroduced.


Our campaign has taken nearly three years to get to this point. Consequently, we believe BCHA is well-positioned–along with its partners–to continue to explore and promote lasting solutions to the trail maintenance crisis on our National Forests.


Thank you! And please call or send letters today to you congressional representative in support of H.R. 845.


Jim McGarvey, Chairman

Back Country Horsemen of America

Add Your Name to the List of Free Membership Winners!

INCENTIVE PROGRAM:  Starting in January 2015 we are starting a new membership drive.  A current member will receive a free membership for 2016 when they recruit 2 like memberships.  Our new applications have a “Referring Member” line.  Put your name on this line when you give the application to the new recruit.

gold star

1. Becki Kreuger from NEMO 



Membership Recruitment Incentive Program

Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen
Membership Recruitment Incentive Program

The Membership Recruitment Incentive Program is for current members, in good standing, to recruit two (2) new memberships. Once the two (2) new memberships are received by the Membership Coordinator, credit will be issued to the recruiting member for one year of free membership in the Show-Me Missouri Back Country Horsemen organization.

The guidelines are as follows:

1. The recruiting member will have the potential members fill in the recruiting members name on the referral line of the membership application form.

2. The memberships must be of the following types:
(2) Individual, (2) Family or (2) Businesses or Organizations, or any combination of these.

3. The recruiting member will not receive any partial credit for only one membership. They must have two (2) before a free membership will be issued to the recruiting member.

4. This incentive has no cash value to be redeemed.

5. The incentive will start January 1, 2015 and expire December 31, 2015.

6. The recruiting member’s free membership will be for 2016 and is non-accruable.

7. Board members, Officers, and Chapter Leaders are excluded from participation.

We encourage everyone to participate in this program. This is a great opportunity to increase and strengthen our organization.

NEMO River Valley Chapter annual re-organizational meeting

DSC01828 group crop

NEMO River Valley Chapter held its annual re-organizational meeting on Jan. 17 at Mark Twain Lake Visitors Center. There were 49 attendees, including several new members. We are thankful to have youth among us, who will take over next generation. Welcome our new members, Paul Gittemeier, Glenna Smith, Michael and Jennifer Kauth Family, Beth Haden, James and Kathy Meyer Family, David and Angela Talbot Family, Evan and Mendy Wenke Family, Kim Helbing, and Dan and Dana Ernat Family.
Members gathered for food and visiting before the meeting. Officers were re-instated: Mary K Church, Trail Master; Wayne Lake Assistant Trail Master; Becki Krueger, Paper Trail Master. Chapter accomplishments for 2014 were reviewed and events for 2015 were scheduled.
NEMO River Valley Chapter collaborates with Corp of Engineers managers at Mark Twain Lake; this partnership has resulted in maintenance of trails, maps and ethics signage, restrooms at two multi-use trail heads, seven equestrian campsites, hitch rails, and other amenities for horsemen and other users. This alliance is obviously a win-win situation for all involved! We welcome inquiries about, and guests to attend, any NEMO River Valley Chapter events.

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